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What is Quality paint ?

The word "paint" is defined as ‘a substance used for decorating or protecting a surface which, when applied to it dries to form a hard coating.’

Paints, therefore, have a dual purpose:

-to PROTECT and


The basic qualities and characteristics  of a QUALITY PAINT are the following:


  • Coverage
  • Effectiveness
  • Whiteness
  • Application qualities (Folding-Smooth application)
  • Material Resistance (Washing, Rubbing, Cracking)-Elasticity
  • Shades Stability
  • Durability (Weather Conditions, Soiling)
  • Firm Quality

Quality Paints, in other words, must cover all surfaces effectively.

Quality Paints must be capable of enduring washing and rubbing.

All  VECHRO Ecological Paints for walls and ceilings are classified into top quality category 1 ( EN 13300) regarding endurance to liquid washing and rubbing.

Quality Paints for Exterior Surfaces must also :

  • Endure weather conditions and sunlight
  • Preserve colour brightness
  • Be smooth and not flake off
  • Breathe
  • Preserve whiteness or shade brightness
  • Have a perfectly aesthetic finish
  • Be of excellent, constant quality!

However, Quality Paints have to be, above all, Ecological and Friendly to humans and the environment  from the first  moment of its production, during its usage, until…the end of its ‘life’!!!!!

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