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What is Quality paint ?

What is an Ecological Paint ?

What is a Low Voc paint ?

VECHRO, responding to the challenges of the times and the European Union regulation 2004/42/EK for reducing the percentage of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in paints and varnishes, was the first to launch reliable paint and protection systems for all surfaces in the Greek Market.

More analytically, complied VECHRO paints and varnishes bear the Low VOC sign which indicates low content of VEC  and  sheer compliance of the company with the new regulations and the relevant  Ecolabels  on the packaging of the products.

As a last word, it is worth noting that VECHRO-the indubitable leader of Ecological Products in the Greek Market- is the first company in Europe that offered paint and protection Systems for wooden surfaces with the product named Smaltolux Extra.



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