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What is Quality paint ?

What is an Ecological Paint ?

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Color and Space

Color and Light

Color and Mood

Undeniably, the colours that surround us (work or house environment) affect our psychological and emotional state.

-RED….increases blood pressure, heart beating rate and triggers intense emotions of passion. It also stimulates our appetite ; that makes it an excellent choice for restaurants and dining-rooms.

-ORANGE….creates a sensation of warmth, friendliness and hospitability-exactly the atmosphere you dream of for your living-room.

-YELLOW….has the potential of drawing attention and arousing optimistic and blissful emotions-ideal choice for children’s rooms.

-GREEN….The colour of rest and coziness. The light shades of green are perfect for bedrooms, while its more intense and dark shades would ideally suit bathrooms and kitchens.

-BLUE….means relaxation and nirvana. Feel the sense of relaxation and calmness.

-PURPLE….an extremely eye-catching, impressive colour.

The only thing you have to do is simply to be inspired by the wide range of the ecological VECHRO products and set your imagination free creating the most impressive and imaginative combinations for your place.

Your mood is then to follow…

Problems & Solutions

VECHRO advices you for frequent painting problems you may meet.