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Color and Space


-If the ceiling is too low, use vertical stripes or  bright white colour to create a sense of height.

-If you feel that your ceiling is too high, use dark shades on the walls and darker ones on the ceiling or separate horizontically the surface  in 2 parts and use different shades. ‘Lowering’ your ceiling can also be achieved by using the same shade in 10-15cm on top of the wall.

-If you wish to make your space look ‘bigger’ use light shades and avoid contrasts or paint some exotic landscape, which will create a ‘distance’ between the walls.

-If you wish to make a narrow place look ‘wider’, use light shades for the big sides of the walls and dark shades for the narrow ones.

-If you desire to make your space look ‘smaller’, use dark, warm shades and create great contrasts or create a big window on your wall, which can be painted in a different, contrasting shade from the rest of the place.

-If you want your space to look ‘narrower’, use dark shades for the big sides and light/bright shades for the narrow ones.

-You should always bear in mind that whenever choosing shades for indoor spaces, the shade should be a little darker, since sunlight always makes colours seem lighter.

-Finally, when choosing indoor shades do not forget that shadows and the lack of ample light make colours seem darker and more greyish; that is why a lighter shade is always preferable.

Color and Light

Color and Mood

Problems & Solutions

VECHRO advices you for frequent painting problems you may meet.