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Color and Space

Color and Light

Gloss paints reflect light to a great extent revealing any surface imperfections, while they do not absorb fumes and can be easily cleaned.

Satin and semi-mat paints combine the qualities of gloss and mat paints without extremities revealing a sense of luxury. They can be easily cleaned and, therefore, constitute the ideal solution for children’s rooms or rooms which are excessively used.

Mat paints reflect light to some extent and are able to ‘cover’ surface imperfections.

The color of two surfaces might seem the same if observed under specific circumstances and at the same time might seem different if these circumstances change. This phenomenon is called metamerism and can be attributed to the following reasons:

-The different texture of the surfaces which influences the amount of the reflected light from the 2 surfaces as perceived by the observer.

-The different lighting.

-By a combination of factors which result in the appearance of the phenomenon, whether the surface is in a long or short distance.

In the following example the 2 shades are presented with no significant differences when observed under natural light, but they seem quite different under the light of a white bulb!

Color and Mood

Problems & Solutions

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