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Dyeing and protection of exterior surfaces is a great financial, aesthetic and emotional investment!

The Color Harmony color guide was designed to help you choose the right painting and protection systems combined with a unique collection of color suggestions and ideas, giving life to every dream, imagination, feeling, and creation!

Draw valuable insights for the best preparation before painting, smart troubleshooting tips and trust the top-quality VECHRO products to effectively paint and protect the exterior surfaces of your home


                                                                    "Live with color"

                                                                  "Live with passion"

                                                            "Stand out with VECHRO!"


The Traditional and Unique Class of Harmony Colors Guide gives you the opportunity to escape from everyday life and choose a hue through the fresh colors of Spring, the Summer Island, and the traditional mansions.

Unique decorative touches on the canvas of every season!



The Modern View of the Color Harmony Guide guides you to the airy colors of your dreams, to the unobtrusive and discreet touches of the modern city.

Modern, minimalist, but always Color with a view!




The Classical and Timeless Class of Color Harmony Guide helps you to discover the warm colors of nature and to decorate your home aesthetically and emotionally.

Clean, classic shades, always timeless!




Lastly, the Wood and Stone category, which completes the Color Harmony Guide, causes you to "play" with wood and stone, two endless natural building materials that are among us!

Give them care, vitality and emphasize their natural beauty!

Trust the protection and decoration of the exterior of your home, the top quality VECHRO products.


The Harmony Colors Color Guide offers a unique collection of color combinations available in VECHRO's range of products.

Look for branded shades at selected color shops with VECHRO coloring system.