VECHRO : A Greek Industry with 68 years of Color History !

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  • 2015

    VECHRO is the 1st company in Sales and Certifications of Ecological products in the Greek market and 3rd in Europe, since 84 of its products are certified by the European Ecolabel. VECHRO's factory facilities (of 9000 sqms) are located in Petra Viotia, in a private owned land of 26 acres, while the company's central ofices are located in Athens Liossion Ave. 302, Attica. VECHRO has a steady rising course, expanding every year its share in the Greek market (being the 3rd largest paint and varnish industry in Greece), while the company is well known by the Greek consumers as the industry with both high quality products and perfect technical support in all fields, helping all its customers (professionals and non) to avoid expensive paint applications, leading them to select the ideal (according to their needs) paint and protection system for every interior or exterior surface.

  • 2012

    VECHRO signs a strategic importance cooperation agreement with the biggest "player" in the Greek DIY market - Praktiker Hellas, giving, in this way, to the consumers the opportunity to find and buy VECHRO's products through Praktiker's stores, as well. In the framework of this cooperation, VECHRO proceeds to the manufacturing of Praktiker Hellas' OwnBrand products.

  • 2010

    VECHRO is for once more a pioneer in its field, by Certifying - 1st in Europe - Qualities of Ecological paints for Exterior Surfaces (Smaltoplast 100% Acrylic).

  • 2008

    Having reached the 46 certifications, VECHRO innovates by offering - first in Europe - a paint which is, at the same time, Ecological - Hypoallergic - Antifungal, ensuring cleaner and more hygienic livng areas. The product Smaltoplast Silk has high certifications and valid experimental controls by the European Union, the British Allergy Foundation (Allergy UK) and by Great Britain's Paint Research Association.

  • 2004

    The European Union has already accredited 15 VECHRO products including  Smaltoplast Extra & Smaltolux Hydro.

  • 2002

    A landmark year in VECHRO history. The management of the company decides to orient to the production of  ecological products, foreseeing the need to protect both the environment and the consumer. Despite the initial reservations of the market and doubt of the competitors, VECHRO leads the way that will  be  later on gradually followed by the rest of the companies adopting ecological colours. At the same time, the mottoes  “Think Ecologically-Paint Ecologically” and “No1 company in sales and accreditations of ecological paints”, characterise VECHRO’s communication policy.

  • 1999

    Completion of  the  investmest  in the expansion  of the factory, which led to:

    -doubling production capacity

    -reducing operating costs

    -total automation of production and improvement of  factory  layout.


  • 1985

    The second generation of the Chatzinickola family is actively involved in the company boosting-along with its experienced personnel-the dynamic development of the company.

  • 1981

    Ioannis P. Chatzinickolas, Sales Manager of the French company back then, buys its share and the company becomes- and has remained since then- purely Greek.

  • 1979

    The factory plant is moved to Petra in Viotia (25km Thivon-Livadias).

  • 1963

    The  remarkable  development of the company draws the attention of foreign investors and, as a result,  VECHRO is bought off by the French company Societe Francaise Duco.

  • 1948

    VECHRO - a Greek paint and varnish manufacturing company aiming at the production and distribution of high quality products in the Greek market - is founded.