Think Ecologically, Paint Ecologically

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Innovation in Eco Friendly Colors

A. Accredited Ecological Products :

VECHRO- being the leader in Accredited Ecological Products in Greece - leads the Greek paint market facing the challenges of the new era and the European Union instructions according to which the company accredits, without any compromise regarding quality whatsoever, reliable Ecological paint and protection systems for all surfaces (exterior-interior) with the European Ecolabel (“The Flower”).

What is Ecological paint exactly? Ecological paints and varnishes are those products that pollute the environment the least “throughout their entire life circle”, that is from the mining of the raw materials, the production procedure, the packaging, the distribution, the usage/application, and duration, to final availability to the environment. Accredited Ecological products include the least possible amount of solvents and no toxic or other substances harmful to humans or the environment.

Ecological products combine ecological properties with excellent technical performance, accredited by an independent foundation from the European Union. More specifically, only the products which bear “The Flower”-the European Union Ecolabel- can be named Ecological.  More information can be found in


VECHRO, by achieving its strategy schemes and having incorporated in its logo the motto “Think Ecologically-Paint Ecologically”, revolutionizes the Greek paint market accrediting for the very first time Ecological Paint Systems that comprise basic, popular products and not few products for specific uses and purposes. This option made VECHRO:

-a company with an Ecological profile to consumers’ conscience.

-The no1 company in total Sales (from 2003 till now) and Accreditations of Ecological products in the Greek Market.


-Among the top companies in Europe with the greatest number of Ecological Accredited products (96 in total).

Β. Low VOC products:

VECHRO, responding to the challenges of the times and the European Union regulation 2004/42/EK for reducing the percentage of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in paints and varnishes, was the first to launch reliable paint and protection systems for all surfaces in the Greek Market.


More analytically, complied VECHRO paints and varnishes bear the Low VOC sign which indicates the low content of VEC and sheer compliance of the company with the new regulations and the relevant Ecolabels on the packaging of the products.


As a last word, it is worth noting that VECHRO - the indubitable leader of Ecological Products in the Greek Market - is the first company in Europe that offered paint and protection Systems for wooden surfaces with the product named Smaltolux Extra.





Innovative Products

VECHRO investing in the evolution, quality and continous development of its services, Creates and Proposes Pioneer and Innovative Produts aiming to cover all demanded needs in the Paints' field.