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Our People

One of VECHRO’S points of excellence is its people. The human resources department consists of employees with specialized knowledge and skills, who are really proud of the company, the products and the vision that the company pursues.

VECHRO’S vision – No1 company in total Sales (from 2003 till now) and Accreditations of Ecological Paints in Greece - is an environment which values human life on Earth

VECHRO - the 3rd greatest paint manufacturer in Greece- employs 110 people, 12% of which are University graduates.

Having completed 69 years of existence, VECHRO  has its own company policy which is based on the following principles:

  • Quality and reliability
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Sociability and mutual respect
  • Commitment to achieving the company’s goals

As a consequence of the aforementioned, VECHRO working environment is safe, fair, stable and reliable.