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Quality Policy

Α. Quality-policy statement of VECHRO company:

The primary goal of Vechro company has been the improvement of quality through which the company wishes to accomplish any other business target. The aftermath of this effort has been observed and decided by various, different aspects such as the satisfaction of:

-the customers

-the associates

-the personnel

-the shareholders


Vechro has been following the trends and advances in the paint industry and has been endeavoring to be in the center of constant change, so as to achieve the best possible improvement of its products and satisfaction of its customers. The direct target of the company to be accomplished is every possible improvement of the materials used, the production procedure and the design of the products in accordance with the financial potential of the company.

Quality is the goal of the company, a principle deeply rooted in the conscience of the personnel, the associates and the Management

All members of the company support the quality scheme, follow the Quality Management Manual and ensure that quality is the decisive factor in decision making.

The quality policy of Vechro is provided to the personnel of the company via orders made by the Management and meetings held between the Management and the personnel in which the existing policy, as well as suggestions about its application or improvement, are discussed.


The management of Vechro company is held directly responsible for the implementation of the Quality Management Scheme on activities under their supervision.



Managing Director


Β. Environmental-Policy statement of VECHRO company:

Having recognized the need for perpetual improvement of environmental performance based on the principles of sustainable development and compliance with international laws and standards, Vechro aims at a balanced financial development in total consistency and harmony with nature.


Following a sustainable course of development, the company is committed to ensuring the protection of the environment, and the health and safety of the employees, the local community, and the individuals. The environmental policy of the company constitutes its declaration of commitment regarding compliance with the principles of sustainable development.

Vechro adopts the Environmental Management Audit Schemes according to the principles of ISO14001 and the EMAS regulation of the European Union. The company policy related to environmental protection is based on the following principles:


-Takes measures for the protection of the environment in compliance with environmental legislation and policy.

-Applies Environmental Management Audit Schemes to its entire production activity.

-Sets the objectives and the objects of environmental interventions.


-Evaluates and improves its total environmental performance with particular action schemes aiming at the accomplishment of environmental goals and targets within specific time limitations.

-Adopts particular rules of environmental controls in production.

-Improves the overall environmental attitude, especially towards issues concerning the prevention of environmental pollution and the confrontation of emergencies.

-Implements constant training and education on its personnel, the individual, the authorities and everyone who works with them in terms of mutual and sincere respect.

-Establishes ecological sensitivity and environmental vision, which inspires the highest level of hierarchy in the entire pyramid of employees in the company.

The Environmental Manageress ensures that the documented procedures of the environmental management schemes are perfectly consolidated by the personnel of the company and are followed and implemented on all levels of the organizing structure and all stages of production.

The CEO, in cooperation with the rest of the executives, is committed to ensuring the complete and effective application of the environmental management schemes and the provision of all the essential means for their constant application and improvement.


Environmental Manageress Managing Director
Boutsi Antigone  

Chatzinikolas Catherine